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Dear Family and Friends,

I am extremely excited to announce that I am running for Cincinnati City Council in 2021.

This letter is to officially announce my candidacy for Cincinnati City Council. I am starting my campaign by reaching out to you,

my friends, and the leaders of our community, to ask for your endorsement, financial support, and volunteer effort.

I am honored to have earned the early support of many of my friends and family members.

As a Precinct Executive, Community Advocate, Coach, and Parent, I understand many of the issues that everyday citizens face. As a young man, growing up in low income housing in the West End, I have witnessed firsthand the disparities, injustices and inequities of growing up poor; yet overcoming obstacles and challenges with what was built on faith alone. I have also witnessed police brutality and racial profiling growing up in the West End. The crime rate was among the highest in the city during the early 90’s. More importantly, I felt as if the citizens of the West End didn’t have a voice as loud as those in suburban communities. Many of those same issues are still lingering which resonates an emotion within me to become part of the solution. 

Who would have thought a young African American male from a low income, drug infested, crime induced community, would find their voice at a prominent institution like Wittenberg University?  The bulk of my education was spent studying how neighborhood disparities came about; analyzing factors such as classism, police reform, community engagement, and drug addiction.

You can trust that I will run an effective campaign with integrity; a campaign driven by conscious thoughts, with conscious actions. 


Rob Harris

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